Making an Application

Types of UK universities

Keep hearing the terms Red Brick and Plate Glass universities? Are you wondering what bricks and glass have to do with universities? Let UKuni explain.


Top 10 things to do in Coventry

While studying in Coventry, you might want to check out these must-do things. What are the Top 10 things to do in Coventry?


10 best pre-sessional programmes at UK universities

Can I experience the UK before the new term starts? Yes, why not join a pre-sessional programme and level up your learning skills?


How to accept a UK university offer

Congratulations on receiving either conditional offer or an unconditional offer, you are just a few steps away from your dream university.


Reference letters for UK universities

Reference letters are crucial for your university application. Here is a guide to getting the perfect reference letter, and choosing the right referee.


Taking a foundation course in the UK

Foundation courses bridge the gap between your current qualifications and UK university undergraduate entry requirements.


Study at the Leicester International Pathways College (DMU)

On successful completion of your university preparation course, you are guaranteed a place on a course at DMU. Why not give it a go?


An essential guide to GMAT

Some UK Universities value GMAT as the admission criteria to a business-related programme, click here to find out whether you need to take a GMAT test.


GRE requirements for UK universities

What is GRE? Do I need a GRE score to apply to a UK university? Click here to find out more about GRE requirements for UK universities.


Quick and easy guide on writing a good CV

You can submit your CV as part of your application to universities to demonstrate your professional or academic experience. It can also be the key to a great career.


8 reasons why studying in the UK is better than the US

Studying in the UK is better than the US. Let's face it. Here are 8 reasons why you should choose UK University for your higher education.


3 steps to choosing the right UK university

The task of selecting the right university and course is a very daunting decision. Here is your 3-step guide choosing the right UK university for you.


Mature students: Why you should pursue a degree course

Mature students: Why you should pursue a degree course

Looking for a new change in your career? Maybe you should consider giving a university degree course a shot. Click here to find your options with UK universities and where it can take you.


A brief introduction to UK pre-masters courses

What is pre-masters course in the UK? How can it help you to improve your study skills? Check out this article for more information about UK pre-masters course.


5 key tips to help you choose the right university course

Mark Johnson is an International Course Advisor at GSM. This time he will list some practical suggestions for students who are struggling with choosing courses.


Applying for a PhD in the UK

This article enlists the documents and requirements that you need to complete, in order to apply for a PhD programme in the UK.


Cheapest UK universities in England (excluding London) for international students

Increasing tuition fees has made it difficult for students to make decision about where to study in UK.This article is your ultimate guide.


An introduction to types of master's degrees

What is a master's degree? What different types of master's degrees are there? Click to find out more.


University of Warwick: Develop your innovation and entrepreneurship skills

University of Warwick is the only place where you can practically apply your knowledge and test it's viability. This article tells you why Warwick is the place to be!


Cheapest universities in London for international students

Worried about the increasing tuition fee of universities in London? There are various colleges in and around London, which offers low-cost degree programmes to International students.


University of Sheffield: Postgraduate studies

University of Sheffield gives student an amazing experience, memories to be cherished for a lifetime and set them on a pathway of success.


Cambridge introduces test for new applicants

Recently, the University of Cambridge’s admission director has recently introduced written tests as a part of application process. This test will be customized according to each subject.


Study in Scotland for International Students

Scotland has some of the best universities in the world. According to a recent survey, graduates from Scottish universities find employment or are pursuing further studies within six months.


Should I choose an education consultant?

An Educational Consultant is a professional counselor who offer students advice about university, course, accommodation, visa application and career prospects.


Which master's degree you should pursue?

Are you worried about which masters degree you should pursue in UK universities? Don't worry, take our masters degree quiz today and get accurate results.


10 reasons to study at university of Birmingham

With 90% employability and situated in the hub of industrial England, choosing the University of Birmingham you will set a firm course for your career in the future.


How to use university rankings

The university ranking tables can be a bit overwhelming, in the matter of deciding which university to study in. Today, there are a lot of rankings, which cover different areas.



How to write a personal statement to apply to a UK university

Increase your chances of getting the perfect offer by learning how to write a personal statement to apply to UK universities.



These UK universities charge application fees

Don't get too thrilled once you have submitted your applications to one of the universities below, as they might charge you application fees.



How to write a research proposal for PHD?

A Research Proposal should outline your proposed area of study. It should be a clear and abridged summary of your proposed research.