A brief introduction to UK pre-masters courses

A brief introduction to UK pre-masters courses

What is a pre-master’s course?

A pre-master’s course in the UK is designed to prepare students who wish to pursue their master’s degree in the UK. This programme provides you academic tools such as academic writing, attentive listening skills and basic knowledge of academic terminologies thus prepares you for a master’s degree.

Who can pursue this course?

A pre-master’s course offers a route to postgraduate degree in a number of disciplines. This course is suitable for students who:

  • do not meet the academic qualifications for admission into a postgraduate course;

  • want to change the discipline from your undergraduate degree to postgraduate degree;

  • to improve your english skills.

Why pursue a pre-master’s degree course?

A pre-master's course will:

  • improve your english and academic study skills;

  • improve your study, research and presentation skills;

  • prepare you for a master's degree challenges.

What are the requirements to pursue a pre-master’s course?

You must have:

  • An undergraduate degree with a pass

  • IELTS UKVI score 5.5

  • Honours degree in any subject.

List of educational groups and UK universities who offers pre-master’s course

Educational groups:

UK universities:

Is pre-master's a path-way programme?


You can choose the subject and modules, which will be related to the master's programme that you want to pursue. After successful completion of the pre-master’s course, you are guaranteed an admission to a master’s program. You can continue either in the same school to do your master’s degree, or you can get admission in other schools as well. 


What will be the teaching style of the university?

The students will be introduced to the teaching style as you will experience whilst you pursue your degree education. There will be tutorials, seminars, classes, group lectures, guest lectures and workshops. 

How will the student be assessed?

It is very necessary that you develop academic writing and research skills throughout your course. You can be assessed on the basis of coursework submission, presentation, essays and exams. This part of a pre-master's course will largely depend on the program you choose to study. 

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