Articles about studying in the UK

EU vote harmonised and eased visa rules for non-EU students

New visa policies for Non-EU student facilitates easier access to study, research and jobs in European Union. The modification to the EU's Visa Directive were approved on 11th May, 2016.


Meet Leicesters international officer, Tracy Li

Tracy Li, Senior International Officer at the University of Leicester visited our UKuni office sharing her stories in Leicester.


Santander Scholarship Programme for Latin American Students

Santander Scholarships has supported international students wanting to study in the UK with funding for scholarships, mobility awards, research grants and much more. Do not lose time to get Santander Scholarship to study in UK.


A Student's Survival Guide: Glasgow

Starting in a new place is an exciting adventure. Our survival guide for students living in Glasgow will tell you exactly what you can do when you move to Glasgow!


CAS shut down approaching

As the start of our new term fast approaches, it is now essential that September start you meet all of the conditions in order to join UK Universities on September intake.


Applying for a PhD in the UK

This article enlists the documents and requirements that you need to complete, in order to apply for a PhD programme in the UK.


University of Reading: Be a part of global community

University of Reading is extremely popular for its innovation and excellent programmes, globally. Till date the university has been awarded Queen's Anniversary Prize four times.


Queen Elizabeth announced Regius Professorships for leading universities

On the auspicious occasion of Her Majesty the Queen's 90th Birthday, 12 leading UK universities will be awarded with rare and prestigious Regius Professorships.


An essential guide to GMAT

Some UK Universities value GMAT as the admission criteria to a business-related programme, click here to find out whether you need to take a GMAT test.


Bangor University to integrate CFA into business degrees

Level 1 of the CFA qualification will be integrated into Bangor Business School's Masters degrees in Accounting, Banking and Finance from September 2015.


Best gap year ideas

Do you want to take a gap year? Have you decided what you want to do during your gap year? Here are a few great ideas for you to get the most out of your gap year!


Important things to do after arrival at a UK university

You'll need to register with the GP, the police, the university and open a bank account after your arrival at a UK university.


UKuni & Livingston Designer Outlet: extra discount for our students

UKuni presents an amazing opportunity for International Students to win vouchers for Livingston Designer Outlet. Follow these simple steps and claim your voucher.


What is an MPA degree?

MPA is like MBA, but it is slightly different qualification, although they sound similar. This article perfectly answers what MPA is and how is it different from MBA?


Why study at University of Kent?

If you want to experience some rich European culture, University of Kent - UK's most European university is where you should be.


ISF Scholarship Application Process

ISF scheme invites international students to apply for scholarships to study in UK universities. Read complete instructions about application process and eligibility criteria.


Embrace non-traditional aspects of business: Leicester Castle Business School

Leicester Castle Business School- De Montfort University offers innovative courses to study at undergraduate and postgraduate level. These courses are set to attract ambitious and students from around the world.


Loughborough University design graduates voted most employable in the UK

The new industry survey has declared that graduates of Design School, Loughborough University are most employable in the UK. Find out more about it in this article.


10 things to do in London this December

In London, there are always something going on. Click here to find out what you can do this December in London!



Building the Future of Architecture

It's been 13 years since Dame Zaha Hadid made history receiving the prestigious Pritzker Prize, becoming the first woman getting the award. She is our inspiration to bring you some options to study Architecture in the UK


UK tops International Student satisfaction for Undergrad education

UK Universities top student satisfaction ranking for undergrad study and the satisfaction rate of international students is higher than its overall competitor countries.


Interview with a Law student - Tina Huan

Interested about studying law in the UK? Step into our interview with the Tina Huan who just graduated with distinction LLM at University of Bristol.


Kanye West lectured in Oxford University

In March 2015, Kanye West addressed the Oxford Guild Society, which is an Oxford University Student group. Now the video has been released!


How to cope with depression in the UK

Beginning your university life in UK can also be stressful. Here is your guide to coping with depression in the UK.


How to Save Big on Student Accommodation

Staying in UK can be a bit extravagant whether it is a university hall or privately rented accommodation. Here are some tips about how you can save money on your accommodation in the UK.


Fully funded UK-India PhD placements open

Indian or UK PhD scholars now can apply for a funded PhD placement programme through which they can spend a a period of their studies in the UK or in India.


Introducing IELTS Writing

Some universities require a higher score for writing element depending on the subject and level of studies. Click here to find out how to get a higher score in IELTS Writing.


Student survival guide to living in Liverpool

Starting in a new place is an exciting adventure. Our survival guide for students living in Liverpool will tell you exactly what you can do when you move to Liverpool!


Scholarships for International Students in the UK

Granting scholarships to International Students who wish to study in the UK provides them with financial support improving their future prospects at the same time.


University of Southampton: Turning your dreams into reality

Since the beginning, the University has been growing rapidly and is counted amongst Top Universities in the UK. Today, University of Southampton has seven fully equipped campuses, six in the UK and one campus in Malaysia.