How to apply for IELTS in the UK - Infographic!

How to apply for IELTS in the UK - Infographic!



If you are already studying a bachelors degree in the UK but are applying for another course, you are probably already familiar with IELTS. The test can have a reputation of being quite difficult, but as long as you prepare prior to your exam you’ll be fine. There are plenty of mock-up tests online, like IOT - where you can practise and see where you can improve. Remember, practise makes perfect! Once you are ready, fill all the forms, set a date, and make your test. When you receive the score you were aiming for you’ll be proud of yourself!





Our team put together this useful infographic of the overall process of taking the IELTS exam in the UK.





Below are some of the important websites for IELTS


Frequently Asked Question:


Result Enquiry System:


Office/Test Centre Locator:


Official Test Centres Locator:


Mock Tests:




Still have questions? Keep reading!



‘When can I attend the IELTS exam?’


'Each year, IELTS will have 48 set dates to hold the exams. Depending on the local test centres, there could be maximum 4 exams in one month.'


'What should I do if I need to postpone or cancel my application?'


'If you postpone or cancel your exam more than 5 weeks prior to the exam date, you will receive a refund (minus commission fee). However, if you postpone or cancel your exam less than 5 weeks prior to the exam date, you would not be able to receive a refund (unless due to medical reasons). If you can provide a medical certificate within 5 days before your exam, you will receive a refund (minus commission fee).'



'What can I bring to the examination room?'


'Only pens, pencils and erasers are allowed in the examination room. The writing exam requires you to complete using a pen, and all other parts using a pencil. You also need to hand in the same passport or national identity card to the examiner as shown on your IELTS application form. Everything else will need to be stored outside the examination room. Mobile phones will need to be switched off and stored in assigned place.'


'What if I lost my IELTS certificate?'


'The IELTS result is valid for two years, and the copies of the result cannot be sent to the students. However, IELTS can send a maximum 5 copies of your result to relevant organisations or embassy for free. You will be charged for any additional copies.'


'What if I think that there are mistakes in my final result?'


'You can request for a remark at the test centre for your result within 6 weeks after receiving your result. You will need to pay a remark fee, but you will receive a full refund if your final result is modified.'


We wish you a successful IELTS exam. Good Luck!


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