Living in the UK


A guide to the cost of living in the UK – particularly London

Generally, you should prepare yourself (and save accordingly) for the following costs while in London:


The cost of student living in the UK

How much will it cost you to live while studying at top UK universities?


Cardiff makes “The Most Satisfying City to Live”

Living condition, air quality, green spaces and low noise level have contributed to Cardiff becoming the most satisfying city.


Top 10 things to do in Bath

Bath is home for the University of Bath and Bath Spa University. What are the top 10 things can you do in Bath while studying there?


Dealing with culture shock for international students in the UK

Students are advised on being aware of culture differences before arriving in the UK to avoid any culture shock that may affect your academic life. 


Accommodation in UK for international students

This article aims to help you understand more as well as weigh up the options of accommodations available for students when studying in the UK.


Packing list for studying in UK

Our packing list includes all necessary things, which students might need whilst studying in the university in the UK. Ensure that your first step towards UK journey is a right one.


7 reasons why you should join a student club at university

Joining a student club can open your eyes to a brand new different side of university life. Here are some reasons why you should join a student club during your study in a university.


How to cope with depression in the UK

Beginning your university life in UK can also be stressful. Here is your guide to coping with depression in the UK.


Student guide to staying safe in the UK

As an International student travelling to the UK can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You should be aware of the safety and security issues to protect yourself from the unforeseen.


Volunteering as an international student in the UK

Volunteering as an international student in the UK

As an international student, volunteering will help you to improve your employability skills along with personal growth and development.


A student guide for living in Birmingham

Starting in a new place is an exciting adventure. Our student guide for living in Birmingham will exactly tell you what you can do when you move to Birmingham!


A survival guide for students living in Manchester

Studying abroad is an exciting adventure. Our student guide for living in Manchester will tell you exactly what a wonderful life you can have after you move to Manchester.


Student survival guide to living in Liverpool

Starting in a new place is an exciting adventure. Our survival guide for students living in Liverpool will tell you exactly what you can do when you move to Liverpool!


How to Save Big on Student Accommodation

Staying in UK can be a bit extravagant whether it is a university hall or privately rented accommodation. Here are some tips about how you can save money on your accommodation in the UK.


A Student's Survival Guide: Glasgow

Starting in a new place is an exciting adventure. Our survival guide for students living in Glasgow will tell you exactly what you can do when you move to Glasgow!


UKuni & Liberty: 10% discount for our students

Liberty's collection resonates the essence of British fashion and trends. This is our offer for you, to own the latest British trends, at an affordable price.


Friday: Here is what you should do tonight

Friday is finally here​ and we can’t be less excited. Haven’t made any plans for the weekend yet? Well, don’t worry. We have selected some of the best things you can do tonight.


Turning Monday blues into Monday motivation

The word Monday is derived from Latin word Mondalious, which means either “go back to bed” or “you better hope there’s coffee.” No wonder we feel the constant urge to go back to our beloved bed.


Friday Feeling: Tonight is gonna be a good night

Want to do something different tonight? Here are a few things you might want to consider.


Things to do this Easter in London

Celebrate this Easter weekend in London, king style. Here is the list of few things you can do and enjoy your easter holiday!


How to be super energised for a monday morning

We understand that being a morning person is a challenging task. However, it’s not impossible. Starting your day with these tips would be very helpful! Click to find out more.


UKuni & London Designer Outlet: extra discount for our students

UKuni presents an amazing opportunity for International students to buy products from London Designer Outlet with additional discount! Click to know more.


Guide to the National Health Service in the UK for international students

The National Health Service (NHS) is the UK’s state healthcare system. International students need to register with NHS in order to use the service.


Things you’ll need to remember if you are heading to the UK

You’ll want to settle in quickly when you arrive at university so it’s important to plan carefully what you should prepare for the UK and what to take to university.


We need to talk about... Mental Health

Here are some amazing UK initiatives helping to turn down barriers on mental health stigma, from universities campaigns, trained barbershops to motivational street art.


LGBT: Support for international students in the UK

The UK is a welcoming place for international students regardless of their sexuality. This article discusses various supporting organisations for LGBT community in the UK.


Your ultimate guide to a cracking Easter weekend and beyond!

With Lent long gone and Easter weekend just around the corner, it’s time to get planning! Check out your ultimate student guide on UKuni!



All about avocados - The UK's newest obsession.

The fruit has been so popular in the UK lately that an all avocado bar is due to open in East London



UK's Festival Season is here! Do you have your tickets yet?

Can't get enough festivals! Here are some fabulous places for you to have fun!



Packing up to go to Uni in the UK? We can tell you what not to leave behind

Gemma, our Digital Marketing Intern tells us what to pack and what to leave at home for when you come to study in the UK



Opening a bank account as an International Student in the UK

If you wish to open a bank account in the UK there is certain things to consider and documents to prepare, we explain everything here.



Top Winter Destination in Europe (Part 1)

Winter break is just around the corner, not sure what to do yet? Take a look at the top winter destinations we have picked especially for you, this is only part 1!



12 Days of Christmas...Markets in the UK

Want to get a taste of Christmas in the UK? Got the shopping itch? Want to know more than what's happening in just London? Our team has selected the 12 markets you just can't miss all around the UK!



How to choose the best student accommodation in the UK?

International Students looking for place to live in the UK, learn more about the different types of accommodation offered for students, we hope you find this useful!