A survival guide for students living in Manchester

A survival guide for students living in Manchester

Manchester is the capital of the North. Our student guide for living in Manchester will exactly tell you what you should do whilst you live there.

Manchester encompasses an idiosyncratic musical charm. A bustling and busy city is strongly associated through musical roots with the likes of The Smiths, Oasis and New Order to the resident symphony orchestras. Manchester cultivates an unparalleled cultural diversity to its residents. You can navigate the city easily, either by foot or by public transport.

If you already held an offer from universities like the University of Manchester or Manchester Metropolitan University this guide might be fairly helpful for your life in Manchester.


The city offers an amazing students sanctuary in the form of underground and understated venues such as Fab Café. Music at Fab is its defining aspect, offering you a chance to twist and dance to The Beatles and The Prodigy. If you are a heavy metal’s fan, then Factory 251 is your paradise. Manchester Nights is your guide to making an amazing night plan. The city also offers grand ballet and musical performances in Palace Theatre, Opera House and Lowry Avenues with a discounted student ticket. Manchester theatre guide will give you information about everything that it has to offer.

Northern Quarter: The Northern Quarter is an eclectic hotspot and offers eye-catching street art. The street also offers various restaurants. The neighbourhood atmosphere offers mainstream delights of Market Street and city centre. This place can be characterised as a mix of vintage, vinyl and curry houses. You can visit this place for eating, drinking, shopping or just to hang out.


Museums and Galleries: 

Visit Manchester offers you list of museums and information about their collection. Ranging from Pre-Raphaelites or contemporary art to dinosaurs or steam engines, war photography or wallpapers, Manchester offers you everything whatever you can think of.


Paramount Bookshop: 

This bookshop is just located in the city centre since 1965. The shop sells paperbacks, comics, sci-fi novels and other printed stuff. The background sound of classical music and jazz transports you to another world altogether. This is the place to find all the vintage books you always dreamed of reading.


The Stockport Plaza: 

This plaza offers glorious 1930’s cinema featuring old movies. The cinema has a tearoom above the cinema with old ladies serving, dressed in black and white uniform.


Restaurants of Manchester: 

The Curry Mile has long been established as the centre of spicy cuisine, takeaways and kebab houses. The area is dominated by South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. This is a very famous place to enjoy amazing Asian flavours, authentic cakes and deserts.


Manchester United: 

Manchester is a football city. You can visit Old Trafford to have the tour of the stadium. This is the largest football club stadium in the United Kingdom. Bobby Charlton nicknamed Old Trafford ‘The Theatre of Dreams.’ This has been the home of Manchester United since 1910. 


Manchester offers everything a person can ask for, ranging from amazing shopping places to flavours of the world and Manchester United too. Contact UKuni today to begin your application process to study in the UK. 

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