The best universities for film studies in the uk

The best universities for film studies in the uk


Film studies impart theoretical, historical and critical approaches to film; analyse narrative, artistic, cultural, economic and political implications of film. Students will study different types of films, read and write about them, discuss the importance of audience, the role of producers, screenwriters and actors.

Why you should study film studies in the UK?

UK has always produced and will produce best cinema, filmmakers and actors. Film studies community in UK is lively and vigorous. Stella Bruzzi, professor of film and television studies, says “Cinema is not only entertainment: it’s the art and cultural product of our time. For anyone passionate about history, texts and images – and how to interpret them – film studies is the ideal course. It offers you specialist preparations for jobs in cinema and media industries, as well as more general training in essential art graduate skills, from constructing an argument to practical criticism. We’re surrounded by narratives and pictures; film studies will give you the tools to understand and analyse them.” 

Content of the Course 

The film degree course will focus on each film degree will focus both on theory and criticism. With the help of theoretical analysis, you will be able to locate a film into culture, know more about the relationship between film and gender and know more about different styles of writing and directing.

Graduate Prospects

After completion of your degree, you can work as film/video producer, editor, researcher, or work in film marketing, PR, media production, publishing, filmmaking, arts and events management, local community broadcasting, or in business/law/management.

The best universities for film studies in the uk:

King’s College London

University College London

University of East Anglia

University of Arts London

  • MA Documentary Film 

University of Warwick

Falmouth University

Middlesex University

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