Johor Sultanah offers financial aid to Malaysian students in UK

Johor Sultanah offers financial aid to Malaysian students in UK

On August 21, Raja Zarith expressed her deep concern for Malaysian students studying in UK, who “were struggling to make the ends meet due to the ringgit being badly hit.” She further says, “How much do they have spare to buy food after they have paid for their rent and their daily commute?” “How much can their parents or families send them”, she posted on her facebook page after the survey about the condition of Malaysian students in the UK and Ireland after the harsh fall of Ringgit.

Keeping in mind the tragic events, The Sultanah of Johor Raja Zarith Sofiah Idris Shah has inaugurated a bursary to extend financial aid to currently struggling Malaysians studying in the UK.

The Sultanah said to the Ukec-Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor bursary, “this is a temporary financial assistance programme, opened to all Malaysian students in the UK, to help the students in either their educational research or living funds during this financial crisis.”

Following up on the offer of financial assistance, the United Kingdom and Eire Council of Malaysian Students (Ukec), put up an announcement on its official facebook page about their collaboration with the Yayasan Raja Zarith Sofiah Negeri Johor (YRZSNJ) in setting up this bursary.

The posting representative, Ryan Chua said, “It consists of funds generously provided by the Sultan of Johor, HRH Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar to support Malaysian students studying in the UK & Ireland who find themselves in an unexpected financial hardship. It is intended to act as a safety net and aims to help as many students as possible given the limited amount of funds available.”

The financial aid for each successful applicant worth £300 and if the applicant has a dependent, the student may receive £500.

The deadline of the application submission is 11.59pm, November 3. Below is general guidelines on how to apply, so please do read them carefully. If you are eligible, please FOLLOW THE 4 STEPS below to apply for the UKEC-SIIJB:

  1. Please download your application form .

  2. Read the form carefully, fill it up and providing supporting documents. Please complete the application form by using adobe acrobat to edit it.

  3. After completing it, please save all your documents including the application form in a pdf form and name them based on your name. In the checklist, there are 12 documents to submit. Please also name them based on your name and number them. Email your application form and supporting documents 


  • For the copy of your IC, you can name it "MUHAMMAD ALI 1" based on the checklist.

  • For the application form, you can name it "MUHAMMAD ALI 11" based on the checklist. 

  • For the record of your bank account, you can name it MUHAMMAD ALI 12" based on the checklist. 

Do note that you may also be asked to attend an interview to discuss your application with representatives from YRZSNJ.

If you have any further enquiries, please direct them to Ryan Chua at

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