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Johor Sultanah offers financial aid to Malaysian students in UK

Raja Zarith has inaugurated a bursary to extend financial aid to currently struggling Malaysian students. The deadline of the application submission is 11.59pm, November 3.


University of Kent offers discount on tuition fees

University of Kent is offering a 10% discount to all the students, who accept their offer and pay a deposit of £1,000 before 30th April 2016.


University of Stirling Postgraduate Scholarships

University of Stirling provides a nurturing environment for all its staff and students. Numerous scholarships, excellent sport facilities and on-campus accommodation are some of the perks. Click to know more.


UK University Scholarships: The complete guide for international students

Complete Guide to get UK Universities scholarship for International Student. Scholarship advice for international students who want to study at a UK University.


Manchester Metropolitan University – Two Flagship Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

Here we explore two flagship scholarship opportunities for those hoping to study at Manchester Metropolitan University as an international student.


Santander Scholarship Programme for Latin American Students

Santander Scholarships has supported international students wanting to study in the UK with funding for scholarships, mobility awards, research grants and much more. Do not lose time to get Santander Scholarship to study in UK.



How to get a UK university scholarship

UK universities offer a range of scholarships to help international students studying in the UK. Click to find out more.