How much does postgraduate study cost in the UK?

How much does postgraduate study cost in the UK?

At postgraduate level, the average international fee for classroom based programs in 2014-15 is £12,390 ($18,470), although the majority of courses range from between £10,000 and £13,000 ($14,900-$19,380) - approximately £4,000 more than home students.

Here is a list of tuition fees charged by top 50 universities in the UK on master's level studies.

2016 Times RankingInstitutionTaughtResearchMBA
1University of Cambridge23,18744,960
2University of Oxford19,88818,65347,925
3Imperial College London
4University of St Andrews15,440
5Durham University18,00014,90019,000
6University of Warwick16,660– 32,30034,400
7University of Essex15,50015,50022,500
8University of Surrey13,30013,900– 17,70021,100
9London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)18,600–30,384
10University College London (UCL)17,250
11Lancaster University14,20014,20027,000
12University of Bath15,00028,000
13Loughborough University14,30022,600
14University of Leeds14,00015,75018,000– 24,500
15University of York15,150
16University of Southampton15,16015,93623,500
17University of Birmingham14,14016,07021,510
18University of East Anglia14,20014,20019,500
19University of Sussex14,45014,45016,800
20University of Bristol14,800
21University of Sheffield14,50016,50021,000
22University of Edinburgh16,50027,100
23University of Kent12,89019,975
23Newcastle University12,68020,000
25University of Nottingham14,42014,42024,000
26University of Glasgow14,50022,600
27King's College London (KCL)17,040
28University of Leicester13,50021,665
28University of Manchester14,50020,50040,000
30Aston University13,50015,00025,250
31Queen's University, Belfast13,43019,000
32University of Reading14,16518,500– 35,750
33Cardiff University14,00018,660
34Queen Mary, University of London13,950
35University of Exeter14,45014,45016,800
36Royal Holloway, University of London13,90013,90019,900
37University of Dundee12,950– 16,800
38Heriot-Watt University13,42016,950
38University of Liverpool12,20015,70017,800
38University of Buckingham14,14014,14015,860
41City University London14,00014,50039,500
41Swansea University12,100– 18,00012,100– 18,00020,000
43Keele University13,000– 14,00013,000– 14,000
44School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (SOAS)16,880
45University of Aberdeen13,00016,20016,200
46University of Strathclyde11,000– 16,70011,000– 16,70028,000
47Coventry University10,68911,45313,013
48St George's, University of London16,500
49Harper Adams University
50University of Stirling11,90011,90015,900

The G5 is a grouping of elite universities including Imperial College London, the London School of Economics, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and University College London. The group was founded in 2004.

Taking a master’s degree course in the UK normally costs between 13,000 to 15,000 pounds. However, if you want to study at a G5 university, the lowest tuition fee is 17,250 pounds at University College London.

An MBA degree generally costs 2,000 pounds more than a normal degree. The University of Oxford tops the list with an MBA programme charging 47,925 pounds tuition fee.

The University of Surrey has become the cheapest university in the top 10 list, which charges on average lower than 13,300 pounds for most courses provided by the university. The University of Kent and Newcastle University also stand out as top 30 UK universities charging relatively low tuition fees around 12,000 pounds.


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