Top Winter Destination in Europe (Part 1)

Top Winter Destination in Europe (Part 1)

Make the best of your winter holiday and seize the opportunity to travel! As an international student, dont miss out this precious holiday break to get around Europe. Its a lot cheaper to travel inbound than all the way from your hometown! Have exams after Christmas? Oh come on, we are sure you can spare some time; and if you think about it, planning a winter holiday can motivate you to finish revision efficiently think about it.

At UKuni, we all have the travel fever and we compiled what we think are the 10 best winter destinations in Europe. This is only part one, for those of you who are a die-hard winter fan and want to experience an authentic winter. We will help you get there by offering schengen visa services, contact us here.



Helsinki/ Rovaniemi Finland

Finland is full of Christmas clichés during the winter with the unofficial residence of Santa Claus located in Rovaniemi. Explore the hometown of Santa Claus, take a reindeer ride and go Northern light hunting, Rovaniemi promises you with the Christmas experience you have dreamt of since you were a child. In another popular city, Helsinki, head to Suomenlinna to see the mysteriously tempting fortress and gather your courage to try the sauna and icy dip. You heard it right! Get in a hot Finnish sauna, run across the snow to jump in the icy sea. Bring home an awesome story!


Copenhagen – Denmark

Copenhagen is more than a fairy-tale like city, it is also the cosiest one. It is the capital of the Danish “Hygge” concept (i.e. cosiness). The people in the city live it and promote it, trust me, you will be influenced! Don’t just fill up your schedule with sightseeing places. Be a local and be hygge! Spend some time at bars and cafés, order a cup of hot coffee and warm wine, and enjoy the gentle snow flurrying over the beautiful city. Of course, what’s the point of travelling if you don’t even visit touristic places, right? We recommend Christianborg Slot, where the famous Hans Christian Andersen used to live! Don’t miss out Tivoli Amusement Park! It’s extra romantic around Christmas time with its heart-warming illuminations and glogg mugs.


Prague Czech Republic

With the whole city embraced by the winter, snow-kissed cobble stone, spires dressed in, white glowing under the historic street lamps, Prague is coming to life in winter.  Want to experience some time-travelling? Take a stroll in Stare Mesto (Old Town) and visit the Prague Castle. The view from the castle, looking down on the city and River Vltara is breath-taking, the cold is going to be worth it. Prague brings along the Christmassy feeling with its Christmas market and exhibition. Dont miss out! Pop in one of the cafes to have a good old hot chocolate to warm yourself up as well!


Oslo & Bergen Norway

If you are a skiing or ice-skating lover, head over to Oslo or Bergen, you wont be disappointed. Rent a pair of skates and skate away at the outdoor ice rink. If you are in Oslo, head over to Holmenkollen by T-Banen and visit the National Ski Museum and walk up the worlds famous ski jump and enjoy a majestic view of the city under your feet. Want to ski for real? Head to the Oslo Winter park! Be festive and stop over at Norwegian Folk Museum, have a look at how Norwegians celebrate Christmas through time. The Disney movie, Frozen, is greatly inspired here! In Bergen? If you are a ski lover and dont mind the snow, ride up the funicular railway to Floyen Mountain. Not that ambitious? Ride along the Floyd to visit Naeroyjford, the UNESCO world heritage, it is one of the narrowest fjords in Europe. Enjoy some warmer time visiting the art galleries and museums at KODE. You cant miss the Hanseatic Wharf with Christmas feeling pouring all over this small city with Christmas market.



Transylvania, Romania

Step into the storybook of Dracula in Romania! The cold and snowy scenes with the medieval backdrop of the city will make you feel like you are in the novel. Visit the 3 mysterious Dracula castles, enchanted medieval towns and villages shadowed by the Carpathian Mountains. The mountains are good for winter sports, look at the resort available. If you are going around Christmas time, be part of the Christmas tradition kept through generations: the little plough, the goat dance, the garlic amulet, the onion calendar, the heralds of the star…  to make you feel like you haven’t spent a real Christmas before visiting Transylvania!






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