Taking a foundation course in the UK

Taking a foundation course in the UK

What is a foundation  course?

A foundation course is a one-year preparation course designed for international students and leads to undergraduate programmes in the UK. It's not a degree course.

The foundation course bridges the gap between your current qualifications and UK university undergraduate entry requirements. It is structured to help you improve your English, fill academic gaps and familiarise you with UK life and culture to prepare for university.

Who needs to take a foundation course?

If you are an international student finishing your high school exams, have completed less than 13 years of education and would like to take your first degree in the UK, you will need to study a foundation course at a UK university or college.

Normally this course is for school-leavers who have studied a non-British curriculum but wish to pursue a degree at a UK university.

What foundation courses are there?

Foundation courses can prepare you for a variety of subjects such as Business, Finance & Management; Computing; Law; Art and Design; Engineering; Social Science; Medicine; Science and Pharmacy; Media; and Humanities.

Some foundation providers have partnerships with universities and can guarantee progression to that institution if the student achieves high enough grades. Many programmes are based on campus, so students can benefit from full university status with complete access to libraries, equipment and sporting facilities.

What are the requirements for foundation course?

In terms of English level, a minimum IELTS score of 4.5 with no element less than 4.0 is required.

Documents and entry requirements needed are:

  • Minimum IELTS score of 4.5 or equivalent

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate

  • Higher Secondary transcripts

  • Reference letter from your high school teacher

  • Personal statement

  • Scanned copy of passport and visa

Where can I study a foundation course?

  • Bell Cambridge

  • Cambridge Education Group

  • Central College Nottingham

  • INTO

  • Navitas

  • Study Group

  • Oxford Brookes

  • Kings Education Colleges

Foundation courses at London universities

You can also upload your documents on UKuni.net and talk to our consultant to apply for a foundation course in the UK.

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