Top UK University Rankings 2018 - CUG - Complete University Guide

Top UK University Rankings 2018 - CUG - Complete University Guide

The Complete University Guide 2018 was released recently. It acts as an excellent guide for international students to choose the best university by analysing its ranking and shows an improving picture for students looking to apply for courses next year. 

Cambridge holds on to first place for the seventh year in a row, with Oxford University in second place for the fourth. The universities comprising the top ten remain the same as last year, the order in which they are ranked has changed. 


Referring to complete University Guide rankings will allow you to assess the credibility of a university from several perspectives they are: Entry Standards, Student Satisfaction, Research Assessment (Quality Intensity), Graduate Prospects, Student-Staff Ratio, Facilities Spend, Good Honours, Degree Completion. When an international student makes a decision to study in a university, he/she is making an important decision about his/her career ahead.

This ranking table depicts Top 20 Universities in Complete University Guide Ranking 2018 (Full list is availiable on UKuni ranking page):

Rank University Name Entry Standards Student Satisfaction Overall Score
1st University of Cambridge 592 4.14 1000
2nd University of Oxford 570 4.13 998
3rd St Andrews University 525 4.38 962
4th London School of Economics 537 3.75 952
5th Imperial College London 552 3.99 925
6th Durham University 519 4.16 920
7th University College London 501 3.97 909
8th Warwick University 478 4.12 896
9th Lancaster University 402 4.17 889
10th University of Loughborough  400 4.18 883
11th University of Bath 479 4.16 868
12th University of East Anglia (UEA) 407 4.16 853
13th University of Surrey 438 4.20 851
14th University of Exeter 471 4.20 850
14th University of Leeds 427 4.15 850
16th University of Birmingham 421 4.09 836
17th University of Bristol 485 4.05 834
18th University of Nottingham 425 4.12 825
19th University of Sussex 366 4.09 817
20th York University 422 4.20 814
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