Turning Monday blues into Monday motivation

Turning Monday blues into Monday motivation

Monday morning is the most despised day of the week, universally. The word Monday is derived from Latin word Mondalious, which means either “go back to bed” or “you better hope there’s coffee.” No wonder we feel the constant urge to go back to our beloved bed.


Why do we experience Monday blues?

Monday blues are a hangover of the weekend affliction. It is the state of mind, where you are not happy with the time you spent or may be you desire an extension. People usually don’t look forward to Monday, as with onset of this day, there are five days more of work before they can enjoy any holiday. Research studies claims that many people feel sad, for they do not feel prepared to get back in routine.

The life of the students in university remains busy in classes, completing their home work, writing assignments and managing part-time jobs. That's why weekend escape from routine is an enjoyment for students. 

That’s why we brought some tips to motivate yourself, on a Monday morning:

Wear something you love: 

Wear those clothes, which you adore, whether they are an old pair of jeans, a lovely frock, skirt or long dress. Dress up, put on some make-up and go out. It’s your time to add some awesomeness to the world. 

Prepare in advance: 

Use Sunday night to prepare for the next day. Don’t fret. If you will welcome the day with a positive attitude, you will certainly enjoy the freshness of a Monday morning. Pack your bags in advance and organize your travel/debit cards for the next morning.



Take a long bubble bath with some scented candles. Do not drink any alcohol, as it might ruin next day. Instead, drink some hot chocolate milk and tuck into bed early. You can also read some good book before sleep. 

Eat breakfast: 

Make sure you have a good breakfast in the morning. This will energize you and prepare you for the day. Ideally, you should have a combination of carbohydrates, protein and sugar to avoid morning depreciation. 


This is for you coffee lovers. Harvard School of Public Health has recently announced that regular consumption of caffeine assists in reducing the chances of stroke, cancer, dementia and many more diseases.

Whilst maintaing a balance between classes and work, don't forget to take care of yourself. After all, your health is the important aspect of your life. Morning blues will remain morning blues until you let them to be. We cannot eliminate Monday, so let’s apply these ways to increase our productivity. If you have any more tips, tell us in the comments below. 

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