Applying for a PhD in the UK

Applying for a PhD in the UK

Candidates applying for a PhD programme should have a UK master’s degree or Overseas equivalent in the subject, related to your PhD program. 

Firstly, these are the documents that you need to prepare in order to apply for a PhD qualification: 


Student Status Letter

The Students Records and Examination office are able to provide current students with the standard status letter. If you are studying for your post-graduate degree, you have to get a letter from your university, indicating the current status of your studies. If you have completed your studies, then this letter is not required. 

Research Proposal: 

The Research Proposal is an integral part of your application. Research proposals are used to assess your expertise in the area where you want to conduct the research and how your research will enhance it. 

The proposal should have an abstract, a purpose, main body and a conclusion.

Potential supervisors and admission tutors will use your research proposal to assess the quality and originality of your ideas, your skills and your feasibility for the research project. It is important that you use this opportunity to make a persuasive argument and what your project can establish.

Personal statement: 

Personal statement is a chance you have to make an impact. Your personal statement should highlight your skills, strengths, and experiences relevant to your chosen PhD programme. Personal Statement can be between 700-1000 words. You can register with us, by logging into the UKuni application centre, to use Personal Statement tool.   


An academic Curriculum Vitae is the most influential document, which exhibits your up-to-date education and work history. This requirement depends on the University and the course you choose to apply in. 

Academic transcripts

You will need official academic transcripts of your previous studies in order to support your application. If you are currently pursuing your post-graduate studies, you can submit your Undergraduate academic transcripts. If you have completed your post-graduate studies as well, then you have to submit your post-graduate academic transcripts.


Academic references

You will need a minimum of two academic references to apply for a Ph.D programme. If you are currently pursuing a master's degree, then you can submit references from your personal tutor. 

If you have been out of education for three years, you can submit references from your current place of employment. 


You can also find a supervisor by directly contacting the department, of the university, you are interested to study in. Alternatively, we can find an appropriate supervisor for you, after analysing your research proposal. 

Evidence of your English Language Proficiency:

You will need to submit your UKVI IELTS Academic Test certificate from a UKVI approved centre. The minimum overall score required is 6.5. The score requirement might also depend upon the University and course you choose to apply for.


You will also need to send a copy of your passport and your current visa, to be submitted, along with other documents in the application process.

You can upload all these documents, on our application portal, by logging into your account. We will contact you as soon as the documents are reviewed. 

Contact our advisers today to make an application to study PhD in the UK.  

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