How to stay healthy while studying in the UK

How to stay healthy while studying in the UK
Your time at the university is very important. It is very important to keep your health, mind, body and soul happy. Maintaining a good health will enhance your capacity and credibility in studying effectively. Following is the guide to a good student health.


Diet plays a major role in your day-to-day health status. These are few ways in which you can maintain your health.    

Eat breakfast: This is the most important meal of the day. Starting your day without a breakfast can be harmful to your health. You should make your breakfast the healthiest meal of the day. It doesn’t matter whenever you start your day. It is important to start your day with a balanced and healthy meal.

Limit sugary and caffeinated beverages: Coffee is not your breakfast. It may fill you up. However, the after effects are not good. Drinking your beverages in a limited number will help to maintain a balance in your body. Excessive caffeinated beverages can cause you anxiety.

Avoid junk food: Sure a take away burger sounds amazing. However, you have to remember that deep-fried food does not exert a good effect on your body.

Add fresh fruits and vegetables: It is important that you eat some fresh fruit and vegetables everyday to balance out the complex carbohydrates that you in take.

Don’t skip your meals: It is important that you eat 5 small portions a day. It will keep you sated for the day. With all the classes and library schedules, it may be difficult to eat timely, unless you plan in advance.

Remember, it’s your body and it will react in the same way, as you will feed yourself. Try different combinations, experiment, start cooking, try new food because this is the time to find what is best for your body.


Students in the university doesn’t exactly follow the pattern of early to bed and rise. However, it is important to realize that sleep is an important part of your routine.

Nap time: It is as fun as it sounds. And it's not just for kids. It is important that you start taking regular naps and you will be amazed how it works. Don’t take a nap near your bedtime.

Get a full night sleep: It is important that you sleep 7-9 hours every night except the exam days. However, it is important that you take adequate sleep to give rest to your body and mind.

Avoid all nighters: It is important you don’t overstrain your body and mind by remaining sleepless for days. You should stick to your schedule all throughout the academic year so that you don’t have the extreme pressure in the end.

Avoid caffeinated drinks near bedtime: Drinking beverages can energise you and make you restless. If you want a hot beverage, you can have hot chocolate milk.

 Keep your room dark: Using a lot of lights may distract you from sleeping. If you have a roommate, you might want to negotiate your sleeping schedule. It is important that bedtime may trigger your body to sleep and you may remain asleep.

Sleep is the most important ingredient of one’s life. If you don’t get enough sleep, than it may disturb your health, make you irritable and anxious. You can try listening to relaxing tunes, which set your mood or you can meditate.


As they say, the most important ingredient of life after adequate food and sleep is exercise. As a student, this area offers you most amazing choices. You can design it according to your preferences and hobbies.

Stretch: It is important that you start your exercise schedule by doing some stretches. It will not only prepare for a workout. It will also help you to perform most of your physical activity without any pain.

Ride: You can ride your bicycle to your school instead of taking a bus or tube.

Join a gym: Whilst at university, students get numerous discounts and offers on joining schemes for the gym. You can ask your student union and they can suggest you the best options.

Make it fun: There are various apps, which can offer you crazy workout. Zombie, Run! app is one of them. You can try to join exercise groups in your area. This is also a very fun way to meet new people and make new friends.  

Make it a routine: It is very important that you make a habit of doing exercise everyday. Exercising once in a blue moon is not effective as much as everyday.

It is important that you do regular exercise to maintain your health. Students generally consider exercise an energy draining activity. However, if done correctly, it is most effective.

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoke

Research studies has proved that students are more likely to take drugs, drink and smoke more than the general population.

Peer pressure: Students with an experimental attitude in college try new stuff. The definition of fun has changed and today fun is defined more in addictive terms. Do try new stuff in your comfort zone.

Drinking: Drinking in a limit is appropriate. However, drinking too much can impair your academic performance as it effect concentration level. If you are drunk, then you are more likely to be a victim of violence or other physical, emotional injury.

Smoking: The packet of cigarettes itself shows the harmful effects and yet people smoke. How ironical! The main point is smoking does not reduce the stress of your exams. Excessive smoking is the result of nicotine cravings.

Drugs: Drugs are illegal as they pose a risk for your mental and physical health. The legal penalty for drug possession is severe as you may be asked to leave your campus. The best way to avoid the problem is to not to use them.

Hazardous routine: The act, which started off as an experiment, will turn into a hobby and you will not even realise it. It is a potential risk to your health, mind and body. It can leave you impaired in any part of the body.

Find other ways to enjoy your life. These options may sound cool but once you get addicted, it ruins your life, family, health and career.

Be your own guardian and learn to say a ‘no’, because in the end it’s your life. 

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