5 sites to detect plagiarism

5 sites to detect plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a very serious matter in the UK. Copying someone else ideas or work without giving credit. There are several consequences of plagarism, which can lead student suspension from the university. Such allegations may jeopardize a student's academic career, forbidding them to ever into a university ever again. If a student fails a module/ coursework as a result of plagiarism, then this can lead into failure of their degree. Students, who are applying to study in the UK, should carefully write their personal statment and other essay questions. The university can deny you admisison. 

How can you avoid Plagiarism?

It is very important that a student takes necessary steps to avoid plagiarism. The best method to avoid plagiarism is to make sure you always write your ideas and interpretations in your own words. You should never just copy and paste material into your own coursework/ academic essay.  

There are numerous websites and software tools that can help you avoid plagiarism. UKuni have listed five of the most common used by students and universities in the UK:

1. Turnitin

Paid service.

2. Viper

Free service. This can be downloaded in windows only.

3. PlagiarismChecker.com

Free service

4. Plagiarism Detect

Paid service

5. Plagiarisma

Free service, text files only. 

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