Top 10 MBA in the UK

Top 10 MBA in the UK

Tired of existing career opportunities. Want to direct your career into a new direction? Our guide to Top 10 MBA Schools in the UK will assist you in defining and shaping your professional career on your terms. 

Pursuing an MBA from a right B-School has an immense impact on your career. It is a chance that experienced professionals have to It is an investment that you make in your career, which will reward you in future in terms of career progression, salary, student support, knowledge and networks.

1. London Business School, London, UK.


London Business School (LBS) has been ranked as number one in UK Top 10 Universities in the UK. LBS faculty is committed to promote and support innovative ideas of the students. The school is a perfect fit for a professional who is considering join the vibrant city culture while pursuing MBA

According to the recent statistics, 96% of MBA students received a job offer within three months of their graduation. The testimonies of students on LBS website offers an insight into students satisfaction with the academic faculty, career services, networking events, clubs and societies. 

With 85%International Recruiters, LBS contribution to a global community is immensely huge. London Business School maintains an intake of students from more than 130 countries. 

The classroom, seminars and social activities provide a global exposure to the students. The school also organizes various events for students to interact and engage with the vibrant school atmosphere. LBS harbour a supportive approach towards the start-ups in accordance with London vibrant start-up scene. 

Roti-Chai is a very successful initiative by Rohit Chugh, an alumnus, of London Business School.

2. Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

Said Business School is Europe’s youngsest school, as it was established in 1996, in Oxford, England. The school is named after Wafic Saïd, a Saudi-Syrian billionaire and chief founding benefactor of the School. 

The faculty is committed to embed the students with a thorough knowledge about the theoretical concepts of MBA. The students become an important part of the varied community, which aids the student, to foster a strong relationship with the batch mates, international alumni, prominent academics and expert practitioners. 

Students are given admittance to the career guidance services throughout their time in Oxford. The students are also given access to the resources required for personal and professional development. 89% of the MBA students get a placement within three months of their graduation.  

The school accommodates students from all over the world providing the existing students with a global exposure at each level. The faculty at Oxford are committed to preparing highly qualified leaders by equipping them with an entrepreneurial outlook.

3.  Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge, UK.

Cambridge Business School was formerly known as the Judge Institute of Management Studies. The school is named after Sir Paul Judge, Chief Founding Benefactor of the school. The faculty at Judge Business School are committed to encouraging innovation in the students. The lecture sessions are combined with CV review sessions, case practice sessions and networking events with business employers. 

The students get an international exposure in a diverse classroom along with the real-life experience of working with the European market. 88% of the MBA students received employment within three months of completion of their course. With 88% International Students, Judge Business School sustains a dynamic and global environment. 

Situated in a historical city, the environment of the school offers its students infinite opportunities. The University aims to prepare students for global challenges, by preparing them extraordinarily, to make an impact in the growth of the community.

4. Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London, London, UK.

An one-year intensive MBA course at Imperial College Business School is designed to inspire students to challenge students and inspire students to achieve the impossible. 

Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated the School in 2004 in West London. The admission faculty maintains a small group, which consists of almost 65 Students in a MBA class. The programme directors design the course to transform people from being a Manager/Director into business leaders. The School offers their MBA students a broad knowledge of business, which will help them to fathom the businesses and organisations.

The Imperial Innovation Challenge and the Global Experience Week are some of the prominent opportunities offered by the School to the MBA students. According to Financial Times ranking statistics, 84% of the students were employed within 3 months of their graduation. 

The faculty aims at promoting leaders to pioneer change, lead businesses and challenge the status quo in the Management world.

5. Warwick Business School, The Shard Tower, London, UK.


Warwick Business School was primitively established as the School of Industrial and Business Studies. Located in The Shard, the school gives the students the iconic view of the London. The School is designed to take the career to the topmost level. The Students are allowed to choose from a wide range of elective subjects, which will help them, to direct their career as they like. Warwick offers its students an access to a wide and influential network of alumni, London market and Warwickshire. 

The students from all around the world contribute their knowledge, share experiences, influence and create an impact. The School nurtures the individual needs, assist them in achieving an effective personal and professional development. As a part of MBA programme, the students are required to work on a research-based project of their choice. 

This project helps the students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real life situations. 88% of the students get employed within three-month of their graduation.  

6. Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester, UK.

On 21st September 2015, Manchester Business School was renamed as Alliance Manchester Business School. A tremendous donation from Lord Alliance of Manchester and Alliance Family Trust brought this tremendous change. 

The School follows the motto, “Original Thinking Applied: at the heart of everything we do.” The MBA modules provide a strong base for an Industry focused education. The School provides a great opportunity to build an excellent professional network. 

Located in the heart of Manchester, Alliance Business School provides an easy access to all the prominent locations in the UK. The course is intensely packed with regular lectures, case studies, generating case reports, client presentations and exams. 66% of the students get employed within three months of completion of MBA course.  

7. Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield, Bedford, UK.


Cranfield School of Management is one of the first management Institutions in the UK to offer an MBA. The programme managers designed the course to create entrepreneur leaders, by providing them with an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in the class, to a real life situation. 

Students are offered ample choice in selecting the modules to choose from. The School also focuses on developing Leadership skills in the students, alongside promoting close links with Industry. A skill-based approach is followed to tailor the process of personal development for the students. 83% of the MBA students get a placement within three months of completion of their course.

8. Cass Business School, City University London, London, UK.

Situated in the heart of London, Cass Business School, offers the students to have a taste of London life, culture, markets and industry. The faculty follows a team-based approach, working on the skills of the students and finally preparing them for a future challenge. 

Professionals from Marketing, Finance, Public Sector and Charities are involved. With an intense course pack, the lectures are packed with excellent staff members. The students get a lot to learn, which broadens the horizons. 

66% of the MBA students get an employment within three months of their graduation. The School offers an excellent network of employers, alumni’s and an access to London market employers.

9. University of Edinburgh Business School, Edinburgh, UK.

The University of Edinburgh offers its students the way of Edinburgh life. The University is triply accredited for its MBA programme. Edinburgh is considered as a home to an entrepreneurial start-up. Located in an amazing location, the University encourages the students to push their potential. 

Every year, the School receives students from 72 countries, in its vibrant culture. MBA is designed as a project or research based project. A compulsory project work is the part of the course. 95% of the students get employed within three months of their graduation completion. Edinburgh offers its students a potential market of possibilities.

10. Henley Business School, Whiteknights, Readings, UK.


By Combining Henley Management College with Business School of the University of Reading formed Henley Business School. The School fosters an environment of challenge, stimulation and understanding. The faculty encourages student-professor one to one relations. With a critical approach, the students are able to reflect, develop and learn in a multi-paced global culture. 

Personal Coaches are provided to students to develop and polish their existing skills. 87% of the students get employed within three months of their graduation. Henley offers its students a chance to brace themselves for the challenges of the real world.

For more information about pursuing an MBA at one of those UK business schools and how to apply, click here and embark on your journey to achieving a successful career, with UKuni today.  

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